Alexa Model

First Impressions

Alexa Model is a young and beautiful girl and she loves to pose for her fans and since she`s such a hottie there`s bound to be an audience for her. I`m enchanted by her Spanish-Egyptian background as it has turned her into an exotic beauty capable of turning us all on with her sensual body. She shares a lot of herself on the tour so you can bet there`s even more interesting stuff to see inside. I know that the few pictures of her tight tits and her sexy ass I`ve seen are more than enough to get me excited.

Hot Promises

The tour for Alexa Model is interesting because she doles out so much information. The first page is devoted to her answering the most frequently asked questions. She includes pictures with each answer and you end up getting to know her while you check out the images. When you go on the photo and video tour you discover the implicit promises of her site. There`s plenty of hot content for her fans and she trots out all different kinds of outfits and locations for her shoots. That`s enough for me to want to see more.


The content is divided into chapters, as Alexa calls them. When you log in you`ll see all the chapters listed on the main page with a picture representing each. It`s kind of like a magazine cover with little text blurbs to get you excited about the content. There are 108 chapters and each has a picture gallery and a video for you to check out (some actually have two picture galleries, although it`s usually just one split into two parts). That`s a fair amount of content and even though the site is no longer updated it`s still worth a month`s look at least because you get so much content.

The pictures display at 1000px and the videos at 640x480. The content is a little bit low resolution but that`s just a function of the old age of the site. Alexa was 18 and 19 when most of the content was filmed but she`s probably in her mid 20s now and hasn`t done something new for the site in a long time. As I said there`s more than enough content to keep you happy though and more importantly Alexa Model is a babe and seeing her show off that sexy body is what makes the site so interesting.

You could argue that Alexa`s breasts are perfect and you wouldn`t hear any disagreement from me. On the tour she talks about how she has no use for bras because her boobs are so perky and that plays out in the member`s area. They`re astounding. They`re phenomenal. They`re lots of other descriptive words that mean amazing. They sit absurdly high on her chest and have to be C cups, maybe D cups. She knows how to dress them too so you can count on her modeling all kinds of sexy outfits for you.

The site is entirely solo and softcore so your enjoyment of it will largely depend on how you respond to the stuff that Alexa wears for her fans. You could probably have a good time just checking her out in the nude but after a while it would get tiresome. That`s why it`s so pleasant to see her posing in such a huge variety of clothing types. First there`s the lingerie. There are many sets where she puts on something delicate and lacy and she never fails to look fantastic in it. There`s a sheer black camisole and panty set that I particularly like in one of the earliest sets. In a later set she works a beautiful corset and a short skirt for a look that`s a cross between lingerie and outerwear.

She will occasionally do a costume or a themed gallery. Seeing her pose as a schoolgirl was pretty nice, especially since she fully embodied the part. Her outfit was a short plaid skirt, a white blouse, white knee high socks and black Mary Janes and she pulled it off with great skill. If you guessed that Alexa Model would look great in a bikini then you were right. She does a few bikini sets for us and they look amazing. Once again it comes back to her flawless breasts. Those beauties ride wicked high on her chest and they look good enough to devour whether they`re in a bikini or she pulls them out to model for us.

She wears a lot of dresses and they vary widely. Sometimes she`s in a floral summer style dress so she can show off her cute side. There are several sets that were shot in Hawaii and you`ll see a great deal of tropical wear in those. In other sets she puts on something more suggestive and sexy, like a revealing little black dress that hugs her curves. Almost every gallery ends with Alexa having exposed a naughty part of her body, except in those cases where they`ve divided the set into two parts to extend the content of the site a little.

Dildo play is a part of Alexa Model`s content and she looks fantastic when she slides a toy into her pussy. She gets fully nude and after you`ve soaked up the beauty of her gorgeous tits and her tight ass and her slim legs you see her working that toy into her naughty box and cumming hard. That`s right, she actually cums on camera. You can find her cumming in the videos, of course. That`s where it looks best and that`s where you can explore the pleasure of the dildo sliding in and out of her.

The about page gives you a little bit of information on Alexa but the truth is you can find out more info on the tour. There`s also an email address but since the site is no longer updated I`m not so sure you`d hear back from her. If you want to see Alexa when she`s not modeling you can check out the candid picture page where a dozen images await. On the page labeled Alexa`s Picks you can find high resolution images that look fantastic. They`re good but it will lead you to wonder why all the content isn`t like that so in the end it`s just frustrating.

Croco’s Opinion

Alexa Model is a site worth visiting because the girl at the center of it has an amazing pair of breasts. They`re big and they`re insanely perky and they will make you hard when you get a chance to check them out. She poses in sexy outfits and does delicious stripteases before playing with her pussy and cumming hard. The site is no longer updated but there`s more than enough content to keep you happy with 108 sets that each have a picture gallery and a hot video to download. The content quality is a little lacking at 1000px for the images and 640x480 for the videos but again it was good enough for me. At $24.95 the site is a great deal if you respond to what you see on the tour.


Browsing is exceptionally easy thanks to a smart design and layout.

Pricing Policy

It`s $24.95 for the first 30 days and $19.95 every 30 days after that.

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